Singapore Hotel Search

What’s wrong with traditional advertising today?

  • It is ridiculously expensive for the return it offers
  • It has frustratingly short effectivity – one day in a newspaper, under a week in a weekly magazine, not much longer for a monthly
  • It works on the ‘scatter shot’ basis – meaning that most of the time, it never reaches the customers YOU need to target in order to grow your business
  • It does nothing to bring customers to you

How does address these issues? 

  • It is inexpensive.
  • Market exposure: a basic listing puts you in Singapore’s premier online directory for a whole calendar year.
  • Optional ‘banner’ ads are hired for three months or longer
  • Forget scatter shots and think ‘focussed marketing’, targetting customers already looking for businesses like yours
  • Using Search Engine Optimisation, it harnesses the power of Internet search engines to deliver customers directly to your SingaporePages listing
  • There, they are only a click away from your website.!

Advertising Rates:

  • Contact